Laurence Geai


Space through the eyes of women

· SINCE 2014 ·

Sipa Press worked with a team of female reporters to meet the girls who have their heads in the stars, female students passionate about space, and women who are today at the heart of the space adventure. From Nairobi to Moscow, from Bangalore to Munich, from the Atacama Desert to the suburbs of Izmir, they have illustrated a woman’s view of space which will culminate in a touring exhibition and a multimedia application. The project, implemented by production manager Benoit Delplanque from TIMKAT and astrophysicist Fiorella Coliolo, has been made possible thanks to the commitment of founding partner European Space Agency (ESA). CNES, the NEREUS network, La Cité de l’espace, and the GSA are also participating in this co-production. Universcience co-produced the multimedia application with an ESTIM grant. 

sgsw1 Audra MeltonAudra Melton - Sipa Press
sgsw2 Holly PicketHolly Pickett - Sipa Press
sgsw3 Laurence GeaiLaurence Geai - Sipa Press
sgsw4 Laurence GeaiLaurence Geai - Sipa Press
sgsw5 Magda RakitaMagda Rakita - Sipa Press
sgsw6 Magda RakitaMagda Rakita - Sipa Press
sgsw7 Mariana ElianoMariana Eliano - Sipa Press
sgsw8 Nichole SobeckiNichole Sobecki - Sipa Press