Olivier Jobard


Journeys to School

· SINCE 2013 ·

Journeys to School is a tribute to children’s tenacity and delight in life. It also is a testament to the obstacles that children around the world must overcome in their quest for education, including poverty, lack of public transport, political conflicts, religious tensions, urban insecurity, natural disasters and gender inequality.

Between November 2012 and January 2013, 18 photographers traveled the world to capture this impressive and unprecedented collection of images, as they followed the footsteps of schoolchildren from Nigeria to Thailand and Australia to the United States. The result is an original series of photographs that portrays the difficulties many children still encounter today in receiving an education.

chemins1 Alfred YagobzadehAlfred Yagobzadeh - Sipa Press
chemins2 Jean LariveJean Larive - Sipa Press
chemins3 Leonardo WenLeonardo Wen - Sipa Press
chemins4 Loren HolmesLoren Holmes - Sipa Press
chemins5 Nichole SobeckiNichole Sobecki - Sipa Press
chemins6 Nickolas AxelrodNick Axelrod - Sipa Press
chemins7 Olivier JobardOlivier Jobard - Sipa Press
chemins8 Ruth McDowallRuth McDowall - Sipa Press